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Enrich online presence of your hotel business

Hotelcrux is designed for the unique needs of hoteliers, assisting you to achieve digital glory. We aim to offer our clients a features-packed digital presence with excellent support.


Use Custom Domain Name

Impress your visitors with your own unique custom domain for your website. Owning a strong domain name gives you complete control over your business's online presence. A domain name that resonates with your lodging business looks professional in the eyes of your guests. Almost all businesses these days are expected to have a strong digital presence, and a good domain name is the first step towards that goal. The hoteliers can benefit from custom domains by generating more direct commission-free reservations.

Custom email @your-domain

Create professional email addresses with your business domain. Your lodging business will gain the visibility and credibility it deserves with unique and professional email addresses. You may set up as many accounts as your hosting plan allows, access them using a user-friendly webmail interface, set up forwarders or autoresponders, and more. Why use a generic email address when you can have a custom email address associated with your lodging business domain?


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Hotel website in 2022 | The 5 most important factors to consider showing layers of web pages

Hotel website in 2022 | The 5 most important factors to consider

The 5 most important factors to consider for a modern hotel website in 2022. These tips apply to all lodging websites, whether you manage a small independent hotel or a multi-property hotel chain. The goal is to help you provide a better …

The modern pixel-perfect hotel website
          template from HotelCrux, complete with reservation widget, logo, and multilingual switch

Inder Kahlon

9 min read

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